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Carbonite står på fyra pelare - kraft, enkelhet, värde och säkerhet. De erbjuder robusta tekniklösningar för komplicerade problem, men ser till att deras erbjudanden är enkla att använda.

With the acquisition of Double-Take Software, Carbonite extended its assortment of high availability and data migration services, and cemented its leading position in data protection. Moreover, Carbonite developed a unique solution to complete the Office 365 suite. It offers a backup solution for the entire suite and therefore help its customers secure data in Microsoft cloud applications.

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Carbonite data protection solutions deliver strategic value to businesses of all sizes, and their award-winning customer support sets them apart from competitors.

Pedab partners with Carbonite for its experience, leadership and extended portfolio in data protection. Carbonite high availability, migration and recovery solutions as well as back up for the Office 365 suite are key components of Pedab’s infrastructure and security offering.

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