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The Intelligent Cloud Solution for Enterprise Networking - high-quality, affordable networking solutions that empower businesses to build and maintain robust network infrastructures to support their operations.

TP-Link strive to make advanced networking solutions accessible to a diverse global audience. With a focus on reliability and affordability, TP-Link aims to empower individuals and businesses, facilitating seamless connectivity in the digital age. TP-Link's vision centers around fostering a connected environment that enhances communication, productivity, and the overall quality of life through user-friendly and efficient networking products.

Pedab and TP-Link can provide your organization with access to quality products, comprehensive solutions, expert support, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, helping you meet your business goals efficiently and effectively.


Overall responsible

Tommy Rydendahl
+45 40 21 17 07

Contact in Sweden

Hawre Stärk
+46 8 587 237 35

Contact in Norway

Rolf A. Gjerdsjø
+47 901 80 275

Contact in Denmark

Henrik Nordholt
+45 50 77 01 59

Contact in Finland

Ville Laiho
+358 50 326 5130